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What does Family Day Care look like in a home environment?

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service offers approved child care in a home environment. In family day care children develop strong attachments and secure relationships with their educator in a small group setting. Educators develop a program including learning experiences that match each child’s interests and developmental stage, and may include excursions within the local community as well as a wide range of experiences within the home setting, both indoors and out. Children take part in play based learning, and the number of experiences on offer are limitless, but a small example would include messy play, dressing up, reading books, cooking, playdough, dramatic play, construction in the sandpit, mud kitchen, swings and slides, ball games, riding bikes and scooters, and much more. Daily routines are also used as an important learning experience, allowing children to develop self help skills and to learn to care for their environment. Examples of these routines include hand washing, helping with setting the table, cleaning and tidying, unpacking and packing their bags, and putting on sunscreen. Educators observe children closely and make considered decisions about how to support each child’s learning, growth and development. The family day care environment provides opportunities and spaces for children to come together and share experiences, improve the development of relationships and reflect the communities and cultures of the children and families. Click here to read more about Regulated Education & Care »


How does family day care prepare each child for prep readiness?

Positive early school experiences can be achieved through good preparation and smooth transitions to school. Good school readiness and transition experiences also create links between the service, families and the school environment. Family day care services are ideal environments for children to develop the qualities needed to succeed in all areas of life, including school. However, family day care does not need to turn into a ‘school environment’ to do this. Supporting children’s school readiness means assisting them to develop their skills in areas such as literacy, numeracy and self-care when they are ready, and at their own pace. Lots of physical play builds muscles that children need to support them to sit at a desk and write. Spending time reading books together in a relaxed setting helps children to develop a love of reading. Providing a wide range of experiences helps to build children’s ‘bank’ of language. Building fine motor skills through playdough and puzzles helps children to be able to open their own lunchbox and unwrap their food. By supporting all areas of children’s development and focusing on building strong, responsive relationships with them, child care professionals can provide children with the skills and confidence to continue along a path of life-long learning. Click here for WFDC Prep Readiness Program »


What experience does a family day care educator have?

Since 2012 educators have been required to hold a minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Children’s Services or be actively engaged in study. WFDC has a high ratio of educators who hold a qualification higher than the minimum requirement. WFDC is committed to educator professional development and a culture of learning with a view to continuous improvement. Click here to read more about Regulated Education & Care »


Where are WFDC educators located?

Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service aims to be responsive to local families and deliver upon community expectations. Our geographical base covers inner eastern and inner southern suburbs of Brisbane including Morningside, Bulimba, Carina, Carindale, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Rochedale South, Belmont, Wakerley, Tingalpa, Wynnum, and Manly. Wynnum Family Day Care & Education service also provides care in the bayside and Redlands suburbs of Thorneside, Birkdale, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Thornlands, Cleveland Wellington Point and Redland Bay. We are expanding!


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an Early Childhood Educator with Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service. Click here for more information »


How do I get my child on the waitlist?

At Wynnum Family Day Care & Education service we have a dedicated Family Liaison and Enrolment Coordinator member at the Placement Desk. She will take your initial enquiry and add your family details (including what you are looking for in an education and care setting) and add you to our waitlist. We will maintain regular contact with you to advise you of your position on the waitlist. Once we are able to offer you a placement, we will direct you to contact your prospective educator to arrange an interview to meet them. Once a placement is confirmed by the educator and the family you will be required to have an interview with a coordination unit team member to complete paperwork, provide your child’s immunisation record and pay the registration fee. Click here to Request Childcare »


What is WFDC Immunisation Statement?

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service encourages everyone to make sure their childcare vaccinations are up to date, however, Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service does not cancel, refuse or place conditions on enrolment or attendance of children whose immunisations are not up to date. Each educator is required to nominate their service position.


Has WFDC received a Childcare Service Rating?

In December 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to a new National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. This means that all Australian children, regardless of their location or setting, will get the best possible start in life through high quality early childhood education and care services. The National Quality Framework assists Family Day Care educators in improving all areas of the service they provide that impact on a child’s learning and development. The framework empowers families to make informed choices about which service is best for their child.
Wynnum Family Day Care & Education has earned ACECQA’s highest ranking, making us Australia’s first family day care service to achieve the rating of “Excellent”.


What does it cost to use WFDC?

Each educator is running their own small business and will determine their fee schedule. Each educator is required to collect an hourly levy, per child, on behalf of WFDC and this is included in the fees that will be quoted to you. There is also a weekly family levy. Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service is an Approved Provider and is able to receive federal government child care subsidy which will reduce your childcare fees. Please contact DHS 13-61-50 to be assessed for these subsidies.


Recognition of Achievement

  • Australia’s first Excellent Rating in Family Day Care
  • FDCA Perpetual Star Award 2017
  • National Winner, Perpetual Star Award 2017
  • National Coordination Unit of the Year 2013
  • Queensland Coordination Unit of the Year 2013
  • Queensland Coordination Unit of the Year 2014
  • Hesta Early Childhood Education & Care Awards – Excellence in Building Inclusion Finalist 2014
  • Australia’s first FDC service to remain at Excellent, for an additional 3 years
  • FDCA Hall of Fame 2018 (inductee)


Who owns Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service?

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service is a not for profit community based family day care service. The approved provider of Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service is Community Childcare Inc. This association is managed by a voluntary Management Committee, which accepts overall responsibility for the Education and Care Service, ensuring that the Education and Care Service meets the needs of the local community and is able to respond with flexibility to changing needs. The committee also ensures that the Education and Care Service meets its professional, legal and financial responsibilities.


What is the Role of the WFDC Coordination Unit?

The coordination unit is central to the operational functioning of the Education and Care Service, supporting the provision of quality education and care. The coordination unit is the point of contact, registration, referral, resourcing, monitoring and support for parents and educators. Coordinators support Educators in curriculum decision making, planning for children’s learning and development and in their interactions with families and children. The coordination unit works in a close partnership with educators to ensure they uphold organisational values and meet requirements set by Government legislation under the National Quality Framework. The Coordination Unit supports Educators to participate in ongoing professional development on a range of topics relevant to children’s development and learning. The Coordination Unit also administers government child care subsidies on behalf of eligible families, within the coordination unit, each team member manages their project role. Click here to Meet the Team »


How Can I Address a Complaint to Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service?

Wynnum Family Day Care Education Service strives for excellence in all aspects of service delivery. An effective complaints management system is integral to providing quality service. It helps to measure satisfaction with the service and is an important source of information and feedback for continuously improving our practice. Wynnum Family Day Care Education Service views complaints as opportunities for improvement. The Service welcomes complaints about its service delivery and is committed to taking action to resolve them. We recognise that often it may be the recipients of our service who are the first to identify when things are not working properly. Complaints together with comments, compliments, concerns and suggestions help us to check that our service is fulfilling needs and expectations. As such our emphasis is upon proactively accessing feedback using a variety of methods so that opportunities for receiving feedback are maximised. All complaints and their outcomes will be recorded both to ensure accountability on individual complaints and to enable analysis of and reporting on complaint patterns and trends. Nominated Supervisor; Cathy Bavage, 07 3393-4311


Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service believes in delivering a high quality early childhood education and care service to benefit all of our stakeholders including children, families, educators and staff.

We do this by:

  • putting the rights of children first
  • offering an individual approach and maintaining high standards for education and care
  • prioritising children’s growth and development through secure, nurturing relationships and sharing high expectations for children’s learning
  • regularly undertaking reflection on practice and seeking high quality professional development
  • respecting and supporting families as children’s primary teachers
  • striving for equity and inclusion for all children