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Inclusion Support Subsidy

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service provides individualised care for children with additional needs. The Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS) program provides valuable support for educators including children with additional needs (including disability and developmental delays) in early childhood and outside of school hours care settings. Early intervention for children and exposure to diversity from a young age support children’s development and wellbeing, and help children in their learning to respond to diversity with respect, become socially responsible, and understand their rights and responsibilities in terms of active community participation.


The coordination unit at Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service manages all aspects of the ISS application including documenting educators’ needs for professional development, gathering data, liaising with the family, collaborating with the Inclusion Support Facilitator, submitting applications online, and claiming payments on behalf of educators. All ISS payments are forwarded in full to family day care educators; the coordination unit receives no reimbursement for time spent on this activity.


The outcome for children with developmental delays and disabilities is that they are fully included in all aspects of family day care, which provides individual as well as group programming, and that they and their families are supported to access the resources they require. Professional development is a beneficial component of the program for educators, with continual improvement of practice flowing on to developmental and wellbeing outcomes for all children in care. Educators’ professional development is accessed through a variety of sources and where possible includes following recommendations or programs from speech and occupational therapists, special education teachers, and any other specialists who may care for the child. Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service supports educators in putting strategies into place to include all children whilst following any specific recommendations or developmental programs, in a way that is fun and includes all children in the group.


Eligibility for children to receive ISS is assessed by the National Inclusion Support Subsidy Provider (NISSP) and includes a range of diagnosed disabilities, children undergoing continuing assessment for a disability, and humanitarian refugee children.