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LINK: Linking Children to the World and Community

LINK was established as a way to improve learning outcomes for all children in care with our service including school aged children. Activities are offered on a weekly basis and have proven successful in contributing to children’s developmental progress.

LINK offers a large number of fun, inclusive, play based learning experiences, in a range of community settings, including Boppin Babies Music Therapy, Pocket Rocket Multi Sports, Funfit Gymnastics, Fitness with Darren, Mini Mates Miniature Pony Riding and Animal Care, Indigiscapes Environmental Education Centre, ToothFairies on Tour (dental health awareness), Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farm, YogaKids, Birralii Indigenous Culture Sessions and Prep Readiness activities.


There are multiple benefits for the children who attend LINK; boosting children’s skills including increased attention span, physical skills, turn taking and waiting, participating in a larger group, following directions, problem solving and communication skills. We have high expectations for children’s and educators’ learning and we work together to understand barriers to learning and promote inclusion. Although the children would never think about all these skills because their priority is to play and have fun!


The delivery is flexible both in terms of timing and location, with events being held from Monday through to Friday and in a range of locations through our local community. High quality experiences are delivered by qualified and experienced providers. The activities extend on the individualized programs offered by educators in their own family day care environments, and include a mixture of one-off and continuous weekly activities.


As with all programs offered by Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service, parents and educators do not pay any extra fees to attend LINK. Wynnum FDC is fully funded by weekly levies collected from parents and educators, which are comparative to those of other family day care services across Australia.


Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service will undertake a review of the LINK program in 2017, commencing in February. An external consultant will be engaged to undertake this review. More information regarding the process and scope of this project will made available in the new year.




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