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Child Development Program (CDP)

CDP is Wynnum FDC’s innovative program to ensure that educators, families, community services, health professionals and Wynnum FDC are working together to ensure quality outcomes for children. Children’s developmental milestones are considered against the Community Child Health Red Flag Referral Guidelines and support is offered in a timely manner.

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Inclusion Support Subsidy

Children who are diagnosed with a developmental delay/disability or who are under assessment for a developmental delay/disability are eligible for the Inclusion Support Subsidy program.

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LINK: Linking Children to the World and Community

Linking Children to the World and Community (LINK) provides an opportunity for all children within WFDC to participate in a range of broad experiences within the community. The delivery is flexible both in terms of timing and location, with events being held from Monday through to Friday, weekly, extending through to school holidays specifically for school age children. High quality experiences are delivered by qualified and experienced providers. The activities extend on the individualised programs offered by educators in their own family day care environments, and include a mixture of one-off and continuous weekly activities.

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Prep Readiness

Family day care is an ideal environment for children to develop skills required to transition to primary school. Supporting a child’s prep readiness means assisting them to develop their own skills in areas such as literacy, numeracy, self-care and physical play. By supporting all areas of a child’s development and focusing on building strong, responsive relationships with the child, FDC educators can provide children with the skills and confidence to continue along a path of life-long learning.

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