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Regulated Education & Care

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service – Rated “Excellent”

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Facts about family day care services

  • Provide education and care for children from birth to 12 years old (for up to 7 children—including 4 children not yet in school).
  • Available for a full day, outside of school hours, overnight or weekends.
  • Educators have individual working hours and fee structures.
  • Family day care educators must:

    — hold or be working towards a Certificate III qualification

    — hold approved first aid qualifications including anaphylaxis management training and emergency asthma management training.

  • Services must comply with a range of legislative requirements
  • Educators are monitored and supported by a family day care service coordination unit including qualified family day care coordinators. Meet our team here


The National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework raises quality and drives continuous improvement and consistency in Australian education and care services. The NQF applies to most long day care centres, family day care, preschool/kindergarten and outside schools hours care services. It is the result of an agreement between all Australian governments to work together to provide better educational and developmental outcomes for children using education and care services. Quality education shapes every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning. Children need quality care and attention that meets their individual needs. The early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and capacity to learn. Research shows quality education and care early in life leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life.


The NQF aims to improve the quality and consistency of education and care across Australia and aims to improve program delivery in the areas that affect a child’s learning and development. It includes:

  • the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations
  • national learning frameworks to help educators deliver quality learning programs
  • qualification requirements for educators
  • a national body to monitor consistency
  • the National Quality Standard.


The National Quality Standard

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the NQF and sets a national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services in Australia. To ensure children enjoy the best possible conditions in their early educational and developmental years, the NQS promotes continuous improvement in quality.


The Early Years Learning Framework and School Age Care Framework provide the principles, practice and learning outcomes which the Educator must demonstrate as part of the National Quality Standards. The Framework forms the foundation for ensuring that children in all early childhood and school age education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning. It has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. The Framework has been designed for use by early childhood educators working in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators’ (EYLF, 2009).


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National Law

The NQF operates under an applied law system, comprising the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. The NQF applies to most long day care, family day care, outside school hours care and preschools/kindergartens in Australia.


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National Regulations

The NQF and associated regulatory system is enacted through legislation establishing the national system. The Education and Care Services National Regulations support the legislation and provide detail on a range of operational requirements for an education and care service.


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Early Childhood Education and Care

The regulatory authority in each state and territory approves, monitors and assesses early childhood education and care services in accordance with the National Law (the Act), the National Regulations and the National Quality Standard. In Queensland the Regulatory Authority is Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) administered by the Department of Education & Training.


The Department is responsible for the strategic management and implementation of early childhood reforms, coordination of early childhood education and care programs, regulation and supporting quality improvement for all early childhood education and care services in Queensland and working with stakeholders and service providers to meet Government goals, commitments and targets.


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The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)

ACECQA is the national body responsible for ensuring consistency of the approach and will guide and support the regulatory authorities of each state and territory in delivering the NQF. ACECQA is strongly committed to the importance of quality education and care to children’s wellbeing and future success. To improve knowledge of education and care, enhance services and help build a highly skilled workforce, ACECQA develops productive relationships with families, educators, the sector, regulatory authorities and the Australian Government. They are committed to undertake and promote research to ensure governments, the sector and the wider community are informed by the latest developments in education and care.


Starting Blocks was launched by ACECQA to inform all Australians, especially new families, that quality early childhood education and care benefits both the child and the community. It uses language which families can relate to and understand and delivers easily accessible evidence-based resources to enable families to make informed decisions about early childhood care and education.


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