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Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service is a professional and regulated child care service offering care for children from birth to 12 years. Highly trained educators utilise their understanding of children’s strengths, skills and knowledge as the basis for programming and planning. The consistency of having only one educator enables strong relationships to develop which is highly important for early learning and social development.


Imagine your child in a small group setting, playing, learning and having fun with an educator they know and trust.


Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service offers:

  • educators provide a consistent, safe & loving care environment that builds on a personal relationship with children and parents
  • educator identify, encourage and foster emerging interests thus extending knowledge and skills
  • educators plan and provide endless opportunities for children to play, which is proven to be the most effective learning environment for young children
  • educators support in implementing inclusive programs for children engaged in the Childcare Development Program
  • educators appreciate children’s similarities and differences encouraging co-operation and respect within the home
  • educators provide opportunities for children to feel a sense of success and experience the concept of personal achievement
  • educators scaffold and build onto the child’s existing knowledge and skills
  • educators the opportunity to attend LINK


Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service can provide an arrangement of care, including all-day care (minimum hours required), part-time, evening, overnight, casual, before and after school care, and care during school holidays. The service is well placed to provide individualised care for children with additional needs and care for children whose parents work outside of the normal hours that child care is provided.


Enrolment and Waitlist Procedure

At Wynnum Family Day Care & Education service we have a dedicated Family Liaison and Enrolment Coordinator member at the Placement Desk. She will take your initial enquiry and add your family details (including what you are looking for in an education and care setting) and add you to our waitlist. We will maintain regular contact with you to advise you of your position on the waitlist. Once we are able to offer you a placement, we will direct you to contact your prospective educator to arrange an interview to meet them. Once a placement is confirmed by the educator and the family you will be required to have an interview with a coordination unit team member to complete paperwork, provide your child’s immunisation record and pay the registration fee. You will be required to confirm the enrolment notice in MyGov to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS).


Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service encourages everyone to make sure their childcare vaccinations are up to date, however, Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service does not cancel, refuse or place conditions on enrolment or attendance of children whose immunisations are not up to date. Each educator is required to nominate their service position.


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