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Parent Update – August 2019

LINK Video Project Introduction

We are investigating ways to share the valuable experiences your children in care with WFDC have when participating in LINK sessions with their educator. One option is to record a video and have a voice-over to explain the benefits of these programs and how they are supporting your children’s learning and development in conjunction with the educator’s home program planning. Significant planning is required in the delivery of this option as we explore the legal frameworks in regards to privacy.  We will keep you up to date regarding the progress via this Family Newsletter.


Kids Music Beats – LINK experience

The benefits of children participating in live music and voice-led music instruction is explained in this short YouTube clip by the Director of Kids Music Beats, Dr Vicky Abad. Kids Music Beats is offered weekly through the LINK Program.


Lights Out Program

Griffith University is offering a workshop to assist families who have a kindy age child who has bedtime or sleep difficulties (who will begin Prep in 2020).  Phone 3735 3305, email or on Facebook to register or find out more


Early Childhood Educators Day

Wednesday 4th September recognises and celebrates the work of educators and is a chance to say THANKYOU for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care. Acknowledge the day with a simple message of thanks or decorate and colour one of the printable cut out shapes from the resource page. Visit for more information.


Queensland Child Protection Week

1 – 7 September 2019

National Child Protection Week invites all Australians to play their part to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. “Protecting children is everyone’s business.” Communities in which children are seen and heard, where their participation is valued and where their families can get the support they need are stronger communities which contribute to keeping children safe and well.


Department of Education, Assessment and Rating

Next month, Wynnum FDC will undergo assessment against the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard and the service will be given an overall rating based on these results.  The process will include the authorised officer visiting the WFDC office as well as a number of randomly selected educators.  For more information on this process visit ACECQA.



President Tammy Graham and members of the Management Committee cordially invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting for Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service and Children @ Bay Terrace.

Venue: Wynnum Community Centre, Level 2, 105 Florence Street, Wynnum
Date: Wednesday 18th September, 6:30pm


Requirements when finishing care with WFDC

Please ensure you have adhered to your notice period when terminating care with your educator. It is a government requirement that you physically attend care on your last day to receive CCS. If your child does not physically attend care on the last day of care or any consecutive absence days your educator will invoice you for the full cost of care.


Get it off your chest!

Asking for Help can make a big difference

Educators are often the first professionals to notice when a parent is struggling to cope. Research on behalf of the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) has shown that parents often avoid talking about their problems for fear of judgement. That’s why QFCC have created ‘Talking Families’ website where parents can receive support and voice their frustrations within a like-minded community. More info here


Family Survey results

On Tuesday 13 August we invited families to respond to 4 questions via Survey Monkey.

Within 24 hours we had responses from 114 people.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond. The feedback will now be used to guide our quality improvement planning.


Survey Monkey provides a summary of data from 100 respondents:


When looking for childcare, why did you choose WFDC?        

Referral/word of mouth                    50%

Location                                               31%

LINK                                                      9%

Internet search                                    8%

Rating                                                   2%


How likely is it that you would recommend WFDC?

Very likely                                             78%

Likely                                                     20%

Neither likely/unlikely                        2%

Unlikely/very unlikely                         0%


What would be the best way to communicate with you?

This was a free-form response with no suggested choices. Email was the preferred method by more than 90% of respondents.


If training opportunities were made available, would you attend?

No                                                           65%

Yes                                                          35%

Training topic suggestions were invited and the leading suggestions are listed here: Parenting, Triple P, toilet training, sleep, activities for home (tech-free), first aid, nutrition, transition to school, communicating with toddlers, parenting during separation, resilience and emotional wellbeing.




Manager: Cathy Bavage Educational Leader: Lisa Meyer Coordinators: Marie Sayers, Samantha Jackson Van-Hummel, Karen-Lea Simmers, Natasha Staal Business Support: Tammy Graham, Rochelle Chisholme