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Parent Update – March 2019

In Australia, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming – the Early Years Learning Framework’ is fundamental for ensuring that children in early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning. It is an essential resource for implementing the National Quality Standards. The aim of E.Y.L.F is to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through transitions to school. WFDC supports children to build deep and strong foundations in both traditional and contemporary cultures and languages of their families and community and those of the broader world. WFDC is committed to creating opportunities that promote, strengthen and enrich the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.


Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands from across our region and pays respect to the Elders – past, present and emerging – for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on our land. A better understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures develops an enriched appreciation of Australia’s cultural heritage and can lead to reconciliation. This is essential to the maturity of Australia as a nation and fundamental to the development of an Australian identity.


Celebrating Redlands rich and diverse history and multicultural community

Redland Museum will be holding a Heritage & Harmony Fiesta on Sunday 24th March 2018, 10am-3pm
There will be a multi-cultural costume display, fun flag trail all around the museum, storytelling corner with crafts, dance, food stalls. Hosted by Redland Library First 5 Forever. A great family day out.
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Statement of Entitlement

Following our email last week, the Department of Education has developed the Statement of Entitlement for FDC services. These will be emailed to all families each fortnight. The Statement of Entitlement can only be issued for care already provided, as it must include details of the child’s physical attendance at the service and actual fee reduction amounts.


Teething Necklaces

Queensland Government safety advice and warnings for baby products state that the use of amber necklaces is not supported due to the safety risk. Necklaces can pose two hazards – strangulation (if the necklace tightens around a child’s neck, especially whilst sleeping) and choking (if pieces of the necklace break off). The recommendation is if families want to send their child with an amber teething necklace, children must be supervised as they wear it, and the necklace removed when they sleep. Furthermore, consider any necklace as a hazard during play and sleep.


How Can We Support You?

Please contact us and let us know what information, resource links and references you would like made available to you on this monthly Parent Update or Facebook posts.


Shaping the Future of FDC

If we stopped for a moment and envisaged Family Day Care in 2025 what would it be? WFDC prides ourselves on innovation and thinking outside the box. Reflecting on our practice and wondering what might be has resulted in us letting go of programs and thinking about what does not add value to the life of children in care. Please share your thoughts with us on what Family Day Care could look like in 2025.


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