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Parent Update – October 2019

Children’s Christmas Party, Friday 29 November

Please come and join us for the annual WFDC Children’s Christmas Party. We run this event with our sister service, Children @ Bay Terrace. All families have been emailed the Children’s Christmas Party invitation. There is no need to RSVP – just turn up! We are looking forward to the biggest event on our yearly calendar and the chance to connect face to face with our wonderful families, children and educators.


Community Childcare Inc. (CCI)

CCI is managed by a voluntary Management Committee, which accepts overall legal and financial responsibility for Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service. The management committee includes representatives from the stakeholder group of parents, educators and community. Each member of CCI (parents, educators, management committee members and staff) pays a $10 annual affiliation levy, as per the constitution.

WFDC has the responsibility to ensure the annual affiliation levy is collected from all families, educators and staff and paid to CCI. It was proposed at the last management committee meeting that educators will add a one-off annual charge line to each family’s HubWorks invoice to collect the $10 levy. This means that the $5 family levy on the attendance page will instead be $15 on the determined week (for one week only). We are awaiting feedback and confirmation from educators to move forward with this strategy. New families who have started care after 1st July have paid this fee as part of the enrolment levy and are not required to be charged.


Childcare needs for 2020

Please discuss with your educator about your childcare needs for 2020 – whether they will change or stay the same.  If you need assistance with extra care that your educator cannot accommodate, please call Marie in the office on 3393 4311


Innovative Solutions Project

Wynnum Family Day Care and Education have successfully been approved and funded to run an Innovative Solutions Project.  This project will provide our educators access to expert paediatric allied health professionals who will share knowledge and experience through modelling, providing resources and having conversations with our educators for the next 36 weeks.


Learning resources to use at home

Support your child’s learning — at home! You want to help your child develop their literacy and numeracy skills, but working out how can be tricky. How do you find activities that reinforce and build on the concepts and skills your child will encounter in the classroom? The answer: this website. Everything here supports the Australian Curriculum for primary school, and is child (and parent) friendly. Browse by your child’s year level, or search for a topic, and the website will suggest ideas, activities, games and videos you can use to support your child’s learning.

And here is a Department of Education and Training website with loads more useful parent resources for engaging with children’s learning.


Parents portal in HubWorks – updating or viewing details

  • Parents log on via
  • Select the icon at the top right next to where is says Hi (Name)!
  • Choose the Profile option
  • Select the Name of the person’s information they wish to view or update
  • Using the tabs across the page, select the appropriate section (My Identity, My Health, My World, My Account) to view or update.


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