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Celebrating our success at Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service

~ Jacqui is the best child care provider I have ever had the pleasure of having my children in care with. She is the reason why we did not go back to a centre. Jacqui is an exceptional Family Day Care Educator and our family feel so lucky to have her. Ellen


~ I’m so pleased with Mitchell’s care with Marie. She is truly the most loveliest person to look after him and he’s gone from being quite shy and quiet to an out going cheeky monkey and I’m so blessed to have her watching him. He loves her house, the activities she does with them and I feel like I’ve won lotto. Prior to family day care he was in a run of the mill childcare centre which he hated. He would scream and cry and wouldn’t let go of us and now he’s happy to go to daycare – obviously with the exception of some days where he has a bit of separation anxiety but he soon settles and is having fun in no time. I also just want to say I love the WFDC environment – the helpful emails and newsletters etc too.


~ Everything is going well with Conchita. She is a wonderful carer and takes such good care of the children. Evie loves her time there and is happy to go which makes me very happy. Evie is settled and contented and that’s because Conchita is such a warm and friendly person. We are very happy.


~ Both Clara and I are loving Josie. She’s fantastic. I love all the activities that WFDC provide, it makes the school kids jealous.


~ Henry has settled in very well with Sharr, we are happy with what she does with him. She targets the things he likes most and goes with that which I really like. His day there is based a lot around craft, painting etc which is great because I don’t get to do much of this at home with him. He has become a lot more confident with me leaving him there and doesn’t cry anymore, I can actually say ‘bye Henry, have a nice day!’ instead of sneaking out!! 🙂 All good on our side, we are very happy! Thanks for the follow up!


~ We are really happy with Jaz. Valerie loves going.


~ Isabelle loves being in care with Donna. I am very pleased I managed to get a placement with Donna, she is excellent.


~ Everything with Tammy and Tania is going fine. We use them casually when needed, if one isn’t available the other usually is which suits us perfectly.


~ They had a great time and looked forward to their days at before school care.


~ Piret has been wonderful since the start. Although she does not go to the link activities the array of activities she created inside her own home are amazing! The quality being close to what would be provided by the link program if not better. We definitely see the time and effort put into developing these activities. She is also very flexible and accommodating. The fun learning environment she is providing is second to none and we have so far not met any educator putting on so much work and passion in her job.


~ All is going well and the boys are happy in care with Josie. Thank you for your follow up, it is nice to hear from you.


~ Everything is going great with Belinda, she has such a great space for the children and I just LOVE her Facebook updates, leaving my 7 month old was a very tough decision but Belinda is making it so much easier and it’s great to know at lunchtime I get a sneak peak at how they are enjoying their day.


~ Gracie and we really enjoy Salimas work. We are very happy that we found her. Happy with all the services. Thanks.


~ Thanks so much for the check in. The kids are settling in just fine, we’re all still adjusting and the change has thrown us all a bit but we’re settling into the new routine now and I feel positive about Sue and the way she is with the kids. She is just lovely and will be very good for both of them I think. We do miss Lainie as she was such an important part of our family for so long, and we will forever be grateful for the amazing care and education she has given our children, but I wish her well in her new venture and will be sure to keep in touch with her. Thank you again for following up with us.


~ You guys are amazing, I wouldn’t put my children with any other service. Outstanding.


~ Merry Christmas! You and your team do a great job, and we love being party of the WFDC family. 🙂 Best wishes, Sarah M


~ Well done another excellent year of keeping the children safe, I might be bias but I love the look on their faces when they achieve something new each day and the love shown to and from the children and parents. Definitely a caring family day care with Jeanne


~ Wynnum Family Daycare is truly an outstanding dedicated team who inspire the hard working strong knit circle of lovely Educators to strive, perform and deliver – bigger and better than before. Heartiest Congratulations on this well earned recognition to all members of WFDC. JJ


~ A fabulously communicative and quality-demanding team of administrators and educators. Ours is particularly fab! We are lucky to have your services in the Bayside. Debbie


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