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Why Choose WFDC

Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service ‘Provide Opportunities for Inclusion and Learning’

Research shows quality education and care in life leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life. The early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and capacity to learn. Quality education and care shapes every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning.


The Benefits of choosing Wynnum Family Day Care

  • Your child’s education and care are provided by a qualified individual early childhood educator, operating in a nurturing and flexible home learning environment; providing play-based learning opportunities that promote inclusive experiences, supports and extends learning with a focus on individualised development and enables children to resource their own learning and encourages them to gain a thirst for knowledge later in life. The curriculum-based programs are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, which describes the principles, practices and outcomes that support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.
  • Family daycare’s unique small mixed-age group setting encourages the formation of genuine and trusting long-lasting relationships, promotes the development of confidence and self-worth and fosters a sense of belonging, being and becoming; all which play an important role in the foundations of a child’s sense of identity. Each education and care environment have the capacity to offer care for children from birth to 13 years of age, often allowing siblings to experience quality educational programs together in the same location, whilst having the security and familiarity of family.
  • Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service provides LINK program to all children in care when attended with their educator as part of their weekly experiences. All high-quality sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced providers. The activities extend on the individualised programs offered by educators in their own family day care environments and include a mixture of one-off and continuous weekly activities. There are benefits for the children who attend LINK; boosting children’s skills including increased attention span, physical skills, turn taking and waiting, participating in a large group, following directions, problem solving and communication skills. As with all programs offered by Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service families and educator do not pay any extra to attend LINK.
  • Wynnum Family Day Care is a community based not-for-profit service. Each individual child is a member of the Wynnum Family Day Care community, as well as the wider community around them. Community helps shape the child, developing an understanding of their own background while being accepting of the diverse world in which we live. Community plays an important role in the development of their feelings of belonging and security. Children thrive in an environment of mutually supportive and caring relationships. For this reason, a service and care environment with a sense of community is crucial.
  • Family day care can offer flexible care options for families, allowing for care to be tailored to each family’s individual circumstances. Educational and care services can be offered for usual hours, evenings, before and after school care during school terms, vacation care periods and some educators offer the option of overnight and weekend care.
  • Families that are eligible for Federal Government Child Care Subsidy are able to receive subsidy for care provided by family day care educators; reducing a family’s out of pocket child care cost.
  • Family day care operates under the National Quality Framework (NQF); incorporating National Regulations, National Quality Standards educational frameworks and undertake an assessment and ratings process. Wynnum Family Day Care is an ‘Excellent’ rated service, whose coordination unit support Educators in delivering high quality educational programs undertaking regular individual visits, sector advice and guidance.


When choosing care for your child, family day care isn’t just the right choice, it’s the natural one.

WFDC Coordination unit team members

Cathy Bavage
Cathy Bavage

Service Manager

Financial Management
Business Management
Human Resource Management
Quality Management
Participation, Consultation & Networking

Adv. Dip. Childcare & Education
Dip. Business
Dip. Business (HR)
Cert. IV Training & Assessment

Likes: Flowers, being close to the water, company of good friends, holidays
Dislikes: Cucumber, cold days, poor time management, rock music

Tammy Graham
Tammy Graham Administrator

Enrolments & Attendances
Business Efficiencies
Educator HubWorks! Support
Compliance Record Management

Cert. III Children’s Services Early Childhood
Cert. III Education Support
Cert. IV in Training and Assessment

Likes: Birkenstocks, spicy food, 90’s music
Dislikes: Mushrooms, cold weather, slow internet

Lisa Meyer
Lisa Meyer Practice & Pedagogy Support and Development

Managerial Support
Educational Leader
Prospective Educator Recruitment
Policy & Procedure Manual Management

Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood
Dip. Management (Impact Leadership)
Cert. IV Training & Assessment

Likes: Eucalyptus, 90’s music, French cinema, Hip-hop, champagne, summer storms
Dislikes: Coriander, housework, exercise

Marie Sayers
Marie Sayers Family Liaison and Enrolment Coordinator

Placement Desk
Educator & Family Liaison
Parent Support Resources & Referrals

Adv. Dip. Child Care & Education
Cert. IV Training & Assessment

Likes: time with family, a great book, travel, spotify, Indian food, Christmas
Dislikes: stress, being late, ignorance, battery on 2% when you have 20mins left on the last episode of a 6-part series

Natasha Staal
Natasha Staal Business & Systems Development Coordinator

Educator Recruitment & Orientation
Child Care Subsidy System
Educator Support
HubWorks! Trainer
Website / Social Media

Assoc. Dip. Business Management
Dip. Children Services Early Childhood
Cert. IV Training & Assessment

Likes: Acoustic music, smell of the ocean, aged Riesling, international travel, pilates
Dislikes: Hazelnuts, tea & coffee, moths

Sam Jackson Van Hummel
Sam Jackson-Van Hummel Educator Professional Practice and LINK Coordinator

LINK Program Event Planning
Support Professional Educator Environment
Educator Professional Development Sessions

Adv. Dip. Child Care & Education
Cert. IV Training & Assessment

Likes: Wining & Dining, catching up with friends
Dislikes: Rockmelon, vegemite