Caring For The South East Suburbs

Rated Excellent by ACECQA


Welcome to Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service “Caring for the South East Suburbs”

Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service (WFDC) is a self-funded, relationship based business committed to the care, education, safety, wellbeing and inclusion of children in high quality, individualised programs. Our service delivers exceptional early years education and care and shares high expectations for children with their family and educator and we are invested in ensuring every child’s wellbeing and development are our priority. Our decisions and actions are guided by our philosophy for inclusion, equity and opportunities for all children. Our commitment is to build relationships based on compassion, understanding and communication via the delivery of high quality care. We share the responsibility with families to provide services and resources to improve outcomes for children’s development.


Information for Families


Information for Early Childhood Educators


Wynnum Family Day Care has completed the National Quality Standard Assessment and we are excited and proud to share our overall rating as: Exceeding National Quality Standard!

What a great team effort! Educators and the coordination unit staff working together positively to generate this outcome!

Summary Comments:

Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children. In particular the relationship with children, families, communities and the extensive support of the coordination unit demonstrates a commitment to quality by educators and the coordination unit staff. It is recommended that the coordination unit, educators and families continue to reflect on current practice to maintain the quality outcomes evident during this assessment and rating process.

Thank you to everyone for making Wynnum Family Day Care a service of choice.


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