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Reflecting on Excellence

An interview with your inaugural Hall of Fame inductee, Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service

Jigsaw Magazine, Summer 2018, Issue 88

Prep Readiness

“The more I can predict what my mouth and body will do in different situations, the better control I will have. How can I learn to predict? By repeating and practising games, tasks, song, phrases and daily routines in familiar environments where I feel safe and confident in myself”.


The main changes for a child starting school includes the differences between a child’s current setting (eg. home, day care, kindergarten) and the primary school they will be attending.


The Prep Readiness program at Wynnum Family Day Care & Education Service focuses on equipping children with the skills to cope with these changes and to equip them with new strategies, strengths and abilities to achieve success in the prep environment.

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