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Educator Registration


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Family Day Care Early Childhood Educators are adults who are engaged and supported by the coordination unit to provide high quality education and care in their own home, for children registered with Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service. Educators give professional, high quality, developmentally appropriate education and care aimed at meeting each child’s individual needs. Educators value positive relationships with children, their families, other educators and the coordination unit in operating their service as a successful self-employed business. Educators are passionate about providing professional education and care for children and have an ongoing commitment to their own professional development.


Educators also see the role of an early childhood educator as a career choice and have a commitment to longevity of service.


Qualification/Regulatory Requirements

  • Educators home meet or exceed WFDC Assessment of a Residence and Professional Practice Audit
  • Educators must have completed a minimum Early Childhood Education and Care qualification or be actively engaged in a Early Childhood Education and Care qualification
  • Educators are self employed and must provide certified education and care in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law, Education and Care Service National Regulations, National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and Framework for School Age Care and abide by WFDC Policies and Procedures
  • Educators must have and maintain current approved first aid, anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management qualifications
  • Educators and all adult members residing in the home will hold a current Working with Children Check
  • Educators will maintain Public Liability insurance for a home based education and care business
  • National Police/Criminal History Check


Experience, Knowledge and Skills


  • Has current experience providing care to children in a professional context, with a commitment to acquiring knowledge in and applying current best practice in professional high quality education and care



  • Has the ability to apply knowledge of childhood development within an education and care setting
  • Possesses or has the ability to acquire knowledge of administrative and legislative requirements of operating a small business



  • Professional Childhood Education and Care – Able to engage children in affirming and respectful ways that encourage their sense of belonging, help them seek and make meaning of their world and empower their learning and growth, taking into consideration children’s individual differences in ability, personality, interests, cultural or linguistic background, learning and motivation.
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships – Able to develop constructive and collaborative working relationships with families of children in care, other educators and the coordination unit and maintain them over time
  • Small Business Management – Able to provide individualised customer service to the families of children in care, as well as manage financial and record keeping requirements, tax compliance and maintenance of required insurances
  • Professional Practice Skills – Able to demonstrate professionalism including maintaining accurate records and documentation, demonstrating the use of reflective practice, engaging in ethical decision making, and maintaining professional boundaries including privacy and confidentially requirements


Personal Characteristics

  • Is able to demonstrate a genuine interest in enthusiasm for engaging children in learning and helping them feel nurtured and valued
  • Is resilient to change and view change as an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Is physically and psychological resilient to the demands of providing professional and high quality education and care for children in a home based environment
  • Is invested in building positive relationships with other adults
  • Is committed to and values professional development and is an active participant in their own learning
  • Values Family Day Care as an education and care option and represents Family Day Care positively to families of children in care and to the broader community


General Responsibilities

  • Meet all legislation set out in the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations
  • Is able to implement all WFDC policies including the ongoing maintenance of safe environments, maintenance of all documentation required under legislation and service policies including risk management plans
  • Implement and maintain the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework and/or Framework for School Age Care
  • Provide an education and care environment in which children experience learning that is engaging and that enables them to experience belonging (acknowledging their interdependence with others), being (supporting children to be, to seek and make meaning of their world) and becoming (supporting the rapid and significant change that occurs as children learn and grow).
  • Take action to inform and work with the coordination unit in observing signs of learning, emotional and developmental challenges in children and identifying when a child’s safety and wellbeing has been comprised
  • Maintain a written document that includes assessment of learning and experiences that are provided for the children in care
  • Actively commit to developing and participating in a formal Professional Development Plan and undertaking training and development as required to ensure goals are met
  • Maintain accurate records and documentation at all times


Selection Criteria

  • Meets mandatory requirements as stated under the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations and WFDC Policies and Procedures
  • Possesses or has the ability to acquire the knowledge and skills in line with best practice for education and care settings and is able to apply this knowledge and use these skills in a home-based environment
  • Is able to establish and maintain collaborative and professional relationships with families of children in care, other educators and the coordination unit and is willing to contribute to and participate in creating a positive collective culture within the service
  • Is able to establish and maintain a successful small business including being able to manage the administrative/financial management requirements, record keeping and ensuring compliance in accordance with legislative requirements
  • View themselves as providing a professional service and recognises that their personal presentation, communication and conduct needs to be a professional standard when working as an Wynnum Family Day Care Early Childhood Educator
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the role of educator as a long term career choice and to the ongoing professional learning that is involved in the role

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